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Academics - The Vijay Methodology


The Academic Program provides intellectual stimulation and curiosity, rational thought and maturity of mind. Students are taught the value and equality of all subjects, and encouraged to pursue a mix of the sciences and arts. Regular visits to museums, and film shows supplement classroom teaching.

Computer Education

Computer education has made rapid strides and the schools have impressive computer departments equipped with the best Pentium computers and computer peripherals. All students from class three upwards have computer education as an integral part of the curriculum. The department has a team of professionally qualified teaching staff, and is in the process of providing training to all its subject teachers to become computer literate, so as to introduce computer-aided learning in all subjects.

Physical Culture

Physical Culture at The Vijay Millennium School develops the spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, team spirit and courage. The emphasis is on SPORTS FOR ALL with the slogan "DO YOUR BEST- WINNING IS NOT EVERYTHING." Sports facilities include basketball, football, tennis, athletics, table tennis, and special coaching for swimming, cricket, skating, gymnastics, rifle shooting and karate. The school organizes an Annual Sports Meet and Swimming meet, and regular mountaineering and trekking expeditions.

The Arts

The performing and visual arts develop the aesthetic senses and appreciation of our national and world heritage. Painting and Art History are offered up to the 10thlevel. Folk dancing and choral singing, drama and Academics, Theater arts are integrate with circular plan.

The Academic Program provides intellectual stimulation and curiosity, rational thought and maturity of mind. Regular visits to museums, and film shows supplement classroom teaching.


Co-curricular activities encourage personality development and draw out creativity and talents, and provide opportunities for leadership and character building, with the idea of 'EVERY CHILD A PERSONALITY'. Literary, cultural and artistic competitions are held regularly, and the school participates in a wide variety of competitions and workshops held in the city. A variety of clubs operate within the school.

Academics - Syllabus and Curriculum

Syllabus and Curriculum

The Academic year commences from April to March as per CBSE norms. Sessions ending Examination will end by March. The new session starts from first week of April.

We provide Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) with an objective to empower students to make decisions, to find creative solutions and plan effective action strategies. The curriculum is structured in a manner that keeps your child in touch with the ever-changing world trends, right from the junior level to the senior level.

We constantly revamp, reinvent and evaluate the classroom and teaching strategy to create the most appropriate education that your child deserves. The study program for all learning levels is unique because it is a blend of the finest teaching methodologies.

Academics - Classes

Primary Level

Class I to Class V

A thematic approach is designed to simulate the children through various interactive sessions and activities.

  • An extensive use of teaching aids to supplement classroom teaching.
  • Project works in class calls for mass participation.
  • Emphasis is laid on developing a strong sense of individuality
  • Field trips and excursions make learning fun.
  • Use of the newspaper articles, quizzes, crosswords and other learning tools enhance general awareness.

Middle & Secondary Level

VI to Class X

  • The emphasis is laid on building up the structured, student-centre and enquiry- based foundation laid at the Primary level.
  • The curriculum is research oriented and learning opportunities are provided through worksheets in the classroom, laboratory time, library time, computer time and small group discussion time.
  • Personality development is stressed through development of academic knowledge, the ability to question, sensory experiences and a honing of creative expressions.
  • Emphasis is made on group work including story time, lecture demonstrations, large group discussions, Conceptual explanations and group goal setting.
  • IIT/NEET foundation oriented, integrated curriculum is rendered to lead the students towards success path through Allen Career Point, Kota ,Rajasthan.

Senior Secondary Level

Class XI

  • The emphasis is laid not merely on information, but also on the learning of academic and practical skills.
  • The specialized program for this level strives to achieve balance between academic excellence and the life outside the realms of scholastic aptitudes.
  • An equal stress is laid on preparing students for the prescribed CBSE syllabus and on preparing the students for the various competitive entrance examinations.
  • Result oriented training is imparted by experienced professionals who target for total development and desired success.
  • The concept of Synchro-Study has been introduced to reduce stress levels of students. A synchronized study pattern is maintained between the course content of the board examinations and that of the competitive entrance examinations.
  • Students have complete access to the various laboratories and library resources, Specially designed for the study and research requirements of the senior level Students.
  • IIT/NEET entrance based coaching is rendered as integrated class room programme through Allen Career Point, Kota, Rajasthan.

Academics - FACULTY


Highly qualified, dedicated teachers drawn from several cultures are a part of our faculty.The management is keen on conducting academic conference and brain storming sessions to develop the faculty in various Areas, there by the members of our faculty can accept any challenge that is likely to arrive any time.


(Why? )To meet the global requirements in the future.

(How?) Exclusively appointed and well experienced faculties.

(What?) NTSE,KVPY,NEET,JEE Mains &Advance, CLAT,SAT,TOEFL and other global competitive exams

  • Comprehensive learning.
  • Individual attention.
  • Excellent study material.
  • Use of most advanced technology.
  • Student centric approach.
  • A rigorous evaluation system.
  • Topic wise tests are conducted after completion of every topic.
  • Tests conducted every Saturday (CDF-concept definition formula) and Monday (foundation/JEE/NEET).
  • Evaluation based on the expected pattern of JEE/NEET.
  • Students get his/her test feedback through a detailed performance report.(through ERP management).
  • Exams conducted on OMR sheet.
  • Correction done by using OMR scanner.
  • PTM-every 15days.

Academics - Educational Partners