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Board of Governors

We, at The Vijay Millennium Senior Secondary School, aspire to strive cleverly to achieve our most inspired motto “Passion for Excellence”. ‘Education’ is a joint venture, an association between the school and home to ensure a child’s successful future. Even more, my observation in the field of education makes me say this with conviction that the foundation of a successful school depends on the kind of co-operation between the learners, mentors, parents and the community. Parents play a vital role in our journey towards excellence and your contribution shall be a priceless support to us. I assure you of a relentless contribution from the team of The Vijay Millennium Senior Secondary School to help each child, shape as an intelligent, skilled and committed Indian citizen with global perspective.

Mr.D.C.Elangovan, B.Com.,

We think big, since we arose 25 years ago. We are awake 24/7 and we shall sleep not until the existence of our soul is being felt and its nobility is recognized globally with its worth reaching every corner of the society where there is a need of enlightenment and education. We staunchly believe that evolution and revolution start from a point and then it spreads its wings to dominate.

As by our vision, we started our journey in revolutionizing student’s life in the remote society of Dharmapuri & Krishnagiri by exposing them to the world of education and knowledge. Therefore, in creating a contributing and worthy citizen of India, our achievements shall never rest as we always stay thirst of what's next. This thirst towards success and achievement shall never quench or subside even a drop because Sky is not our limit , there is much more and much beyond that.

Mrs. Meena Elangovan, B.A.,

The Vijay Millennium Senior Secondary School is a school that is proud of prides itself on the relationship it has with its community. Our school is strengthened by very supportive parents and wider community and we encourage for you to become actively involved in all aspects of your child’s education. Parents are valued.

All students learn the skills and values necessary for success in education, life and work. Our school focuses on student welfare that spotlights on the positive recognition of student’s achievements. Success for all students is ensured. The Vijay Millennium staffs help to develop their skills, and to provide the highest quality of Education.


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

Our Institution provides its learners a value based education and oriented activitys that takes education beyond the horizon. The institution has reached great heights in academic studies by molding students in every sphere of activities by working diligently and steadfastly, our institution always looks forward to the future, filled with hope and confidence.

Well Wishers,

It gives me immense pleasure to pen down a few words to our Parents, students and all well-wishers of the Vijay family. My prayerful greetings to all of you. First of all I would like to express my deep sentiments of gratitude to every one of you for your constant support, love and concern towards the success of Vijay Millennium Sr. Secondary school, Dharmapuri which enables and encourages us to strive hard to carry forward the vision, mission, goal and strategy for spreading the value-based knowledge to one and all

Education is the vehicle of knowledge self-preservation and success. Education not only gives us a platform to succeed, but also the knowledge of social conduct, strength, character and self respect. In this competitive world, education has become a necessity for human beings after food, shelter and clothing. By keeping this in our mind, we work hard to enhance every student here, at Vijay Millennium School the transformational impact on the quality of education, introducing value-based education in order to develop personality and earn recognition and respect in the family and society

I am proud of this institution which has brought glory and has stood firm as rock, an impenetrable fortress to carry forward its mission of spreading knowledge to many and playing a stellar role in giving the nation each year a crop of brilliant young men who have brought laurels to the country, at home and abroad. It holds high the banner of integrity, nationhood, secularism, unity and an example for selfless service. To shape the children lives and to give better human values the school has been serving a lot to the children. Our children are made aware and taught how to become better citizens of India.

I congratulate the entire team for their hard work and dedication in making this dream come true. A committed and supportive management, dedicated teachers, caring and co-operative parents blend harmoniously to create Vijay Millennium School a child –centric school. It is natural to find in this ambience, the intensive use of a variety of thinking activities, strategies and group dynamics so that the classrooms become alive. Teamwork is the hallmark of Vijay Millennium School. I am very sure through collaborative effort we can achieve more to benefit our students who are the future leaders of tomorrow.


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